About Me
   I've been writing for over 40 years. I started in high school.
I began writing science fiction stories in the early 1970's. As
with most writers, I started out writing just for myself. The
stuff I
did share was usually poetry and people liked it.
   Eventually I got courageous and wrote a screen play that I
tried to sell to Hollywood. That started in the early 1990's and
I was not successful. So, I turned the screen play,
about a young
boy becoming a man by going on the wheat harvest in 1975, into
a fictional first person memoir.
   I was only slightly more successful with the book. Agents at
least wanted to see it. But they did not want to represent it. A
few were kind enough to say that they loved my writing style,
but that they could not sell a memoir unless I was famous (times
have sure changed). One even said he would consider it if I
re-wrote it in third person.
   I declined and eventually wrote a second novel. Of course, many aspects of my life were also rolling along. At this
time in my life I had left my home town of Shawnee, Oklahoma and I was now practicing law in downtown Dallas at one
of the largest law firms in Texas. I think we had about 150 attorneys at the time. The firm eventually grew to 500
attorneys. But that was after I was gone.
   After several years at big law firms I started my own firm. I was my own boss and eventually became a single dad
raising my kids alone. These teenage boys were eventually killed in a terrible car wreck in Dallas in March of 2004.
But that is a story not for these pages. That devastating occurrence brought about another big change.
I went home. I gave away most of what I had, put everything else in storage and went back to Shawnee, Oklahoma.
To stay busy there I often spent the day substitute teaching. I had always been involved with my kids and seeing
school kids was therapeutic. Eventually I was asked to get alternatively certified as a teacher and to teach high
school English.
   I did that and now I teach AP Language and Composition to high school juniors as well as Creative Writing. And I
love it! I also reconnected with a former girlfriend and we were married about a year after reconnecting in October
of 2005. Now we live a beautiful life in the town where I was raised. There is much more to the story that is me, but
that is not the purpose of this page. I just wanted to let you know a few things about me. Now back to the writing.
   That first novel I wrote is called "The Golden Harvest". It is that coming of age wheat harvest story mentioned
above. It is part of a trilogy and is, as yet, unpublished. The second novel is called "Fatherman Down" and can be
bought any where. That is the novel I wrote instead of re-writing "The Golden Harvest". My newest novel is "Critical
Mass" and it is that novel which will be the focus of these pages.
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