Locations in Critical Mass
In order to avoid the attacks of the
Monarchists, the characters must travel the
globe in small groups. To be trained in the ways
of the Tree of Life they must meet with the
magi in secret.

It was important to me that the novel have
credibility and letting the characters visit real
locations around the globe added that to it. I
found it interesting that as I moved the
characters from place to place, I found that
each location had an actual mystical or spiritual
background story. It was as though I was
guided to each location by an invisible hand.

Below is a listing of each important location
used in the novel. By clicking on the name or the
image you can watch the trailer created for
that location.
Angkor Wat
Machu Picchu
Kom Ombo
Brazilian Rainforest
Che Chem Ha Cave
The Mustang Plains
This is in Cambodia and is the first place they
visit. They study the first part of the Tree of
Life, the personality triangle, thoughts, feelings
and memories. And how to bring it all back to
Earth. But the threat of the Monarchists lurks.
This is in Peru and is the second place visited.
They study the second triangle, the seat of the
soul. The characters must face their own fears
and find their true place in this world. They
must also avoid an attack from the Monarchists
that uses the powers of the planet.
This is the third place the characters visit. In
this very spiritual location in Egypt they study
the pathways on the Tree of Life. Here they
must learn how to move about in the Spirit
World. Brian is getting stronger, but so is the
Monarchist's brain. And it knows where they are.
Next up for our heroes is the Brazilian Rain
Forest and the very dangerous Abyss in the
Spirit World. This time it is not the Monarchists
but the Klippots they must avoid.
This is an ancient Mayan cave where the king or
priest would descend to do battle with the
spirits of the underworld. Now Brian must
survive an encounter with the Lost Oracle.
Now we come to the plains of the Himalayas, the
final location. It is here that we will see if the
group can actually achieve Critical Mass. The
training is done but there are still surprises
waiting for our heroes.
The Tree of Life
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