Brian is supposed to be the guy who saves the planet, but a
rival group wants him dead. Can he and his friends survive long
enough to help bring a
bout a global consciousness?
   Brian Bernstein, a former attorney from New York City, has
just learned that he is the prophesied Great Uniter, the one who
is to start Critical Mass and bring about a global consciousness.
   An ancient prophesy suggests that if at least 3511 people come
together in a single thought, they will achieve Critical Mass and
the thought will manifest giving rise to a global consciousness.
The Holistic Group has been training for years and is almost
ready to create this Global Brain.
   But the rival group, known as the Monarchists, will do anything
to stop that from happening, including using the forces of nature.
Brian and his group must travel around the planet collecting
knowledge from the ancient group known as the Magi to be able
to create Critical Mass. But they must avoid the ever-present
Monarchists who send storms, earthquakes and even a hurricane
to stop them.
   Four others; Katrina, the beautiful German physicist, Qui Jen,
the mysterious Japanese ninja, Hadji, the witty engineer from
India, and Alia, the sensual Brazilian chopper pilot join Brian’s
group. As they travel the globe, the attacks on them escalate. All
the while, with the help of the Magi and by using the map of
consciousness known as the Tree of Life, the five have been
exploring the Spirit World.
   With each venture into the Spirit World the dangers increase.
But Brian’s biggest battle looms. He must eventually go into the
Abyss, the cosmic trashcan where souls are unmade and he must
also overcome the challenge of the Lost Oracle.
Critical Mass brings together spiritual awareness and conflict
over how to use it. It is a war of ideas, a competition to be first
in an adventure to save the planet.
The Synopsis
Release Date: Dec. 8, 2014
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